Patriot America (J1/ J1+J2/F2/ J2/ OPT Visa Holders Plan)

Patriot America Plus 500000

Individual buying
Group Buying
Certificate Wording


Maximum Limits $500,000
Deductible $250 / person, policy year
Coinsurance – for treatment received within the U.S and Canada In the PPO Network – The plan pays 90% of eligible expenses up to $5,000, then 100% up to the Maximum Limit
Out of the PPO Network – The plan pays 80% of elgible expenses up to $5,000, then 100% up to the Maximum Limit
Coinsurance – Outside the U.S and Canada 100%
Continuation of Treatment Period Earlier of 6 months per injury or illness or upon return to Home country
World-class Medical Benefits Coverage available for in-patient and out-patient medical
International Emergency Care A wide range of international emergency benefits available including emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, return of minor children and more


Inpatient/Outpatient Benefits
Hospital Room & Board URC – average semi-private room rate
Intensive Care Unit URC
Eligible Medical Expenses URC
Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition prior to age 70-Medical Expenses URC
Local Ambulance URC
Prescription Drugs URC
Emergency Room Accident URC
Emergency Illness with in-patient admission URC
Emergency Illness without in-patient admission URC with additional $250 deductible
Dental – Treatment related to an Accident URC
Dental – Emergency $100 maximum
Hospital Daily Indemnity $100 per overnight up to a maximum of 10 overnights
Terrorism 50,000 lifetime maximum
Recreational Sports & Activities URC for non-organized, non-contact, and non-collision activities


Evacuation Benefits
Emergency Medical Evacuation Up to $500,000 lifetime maximum(Independent of the Maximum Limit)
Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition prior to age 70- Emergency Medical Evacuation $25,000 lifetime maximum
Emergency Reunion $50,000 lifetime maximum
Return of Mortal Remains or Cremation/Burial Up to $50,000 for Return of Mortal Remains or $5,000 for Cremation/Burial
Return of Minor Children $50,000 lifetime maximum
Political Evacuation $10,000 lifetime maximum


Additional Benefits
Incidental Trips Up to a cumulative two weeks
End of Trip Home Country Coverage One month for every six months of continuous coverage, up to tow months maximum
Trip Interruption $5,000 maximum
Common Carrier Accidental Death $50,000 to Beneficiary; maximum of $250,000 per family
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000 principal sum
Lost Luggage $50 per item; maximum of $250
Natural Disaster $100 per day for five days maximum
Identity Theft $500 maximum

Patriot America Plus

Short-term travel medical insurance for non-U.S. citizens

Addresses the insurance needs of non-U.S. citizens who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside of their home country.


  • Short-term travel medical coverage
  • Coverage for individuals, groups, and their dependents
  • Maximum Limits $500,000
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Available in daily and monthly rates
  • Renewable up to 24 months if one month or more are purchased
  • Freedom to seek treatment with hospital or doctor of your choice
  • Trip cancellation, travel delay and baggage delay benefits available
  • Universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
  • 24 hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time

Who the plan is designed for:

  • Graduating seniors trips
  • College students studying abroad
  • Foreign au pairs and nannies
  • Families sponsoring exchange students
  • International vacationers
  • Relatives visiting from overseas
  • Recently arrived immigrants
Worldwide Including USA
Monthly Premium Daily Premium
Age Individual rates Group rates Individual rates Group rates
18-29 $66 $59 $2.15  $1.90
30-39 $88  $79 $2.85  $2.55
40-49 $135  $122 $4.35  $3.90
50-59 $190  $171 $6.15  $5.50
60-64 $233  $210 $7.50  $6.75
65-69 $254  $229 $8.20  $7.40
70-79 N/A  N/A N/A  N/A
80+ N/A  N/A N/A  N/A
Dep. Child $60  $54 $1.95  $1.75
Child $66  $59 $2.15  $1.90


You don’t need to provide a SSN number, but it requires your passport number.
Click here to enter StudentSecure enrollment page,fill the infomation of the insured referring to StudentSecure enrollment explanation(chinese),use the credit card to complete the payment, and then click “Download Fulfillment” link,you can download the electronic ID card and receipt of payment immediately. According to the Fulfillment Method you chosed. Insurance company will send all insurance materials to the email address which you provided or mail the physical materials to your mail address. Electronic files and physical files have the same effect. If you are not received via Email after the payment, please check your Spam box, some emails may be mistakenly treated as a Spam.
You can use a debit card or credit card which shows a logo such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover to pay your cost of insurance plan online.
You may set the Insurance effective date by yourself. Effective date and Expiration date are calculated according to EST(eastern standard time).
For first enrollment,you can purchase a maximum of 364 days at one time.
Yes. You can pay monthly, but it has an additional $5 when paying each month. We sugguest to choose full payment, it can save $60 fees.
Student Secure plan covers outpatient, hospital, surgery, laboratory test, prescription drugs and other medical expenses, please see the benefits table in detail.
Yes. In Eligible Expenses,Elite Plan covers 80% of outpaient actual charge,and Select,Budget,Smart Plan cover 50% of outpaient actual charge. Each prescription can be provided less than 60 days.
You can go to any pharmacy in U.S. But you can’t pay the fee directly with the pharmacy. When you need to buy prescripton drugs, you need to pay first yourself, and then apply to claims department for reimbursement.
Send the completed claim form, attached the purchased drug labels or equivalents information,and receipt/bill to the claims department to apply for reimbursement.
Elite, Select Plan start to cover pre-existing conditions after 6 consecutive months. Budget Plan start to cover pre-existing conditions after 12 consecutive months. Smart Plan covers $25,000 lifetime maximum for eligible medical expenses for the acute onset of pre-existing condition only.
If conception occurs after the effective date,Elite, Select, Budget Plan can cover eligible expenses of prenatal examination, delivery, post natal examination and pregnancy complications in usual, reasonable, customary charges.
Elite, Select Plan cover 80% eligible Expenses up to the certificate Period Maximum within the PPO or 60% outside the PPO.
Budget Plan covers 80% Eligible Expenses in the PPO or 60% outside the PPO up to a certificate Period Maximum of $5,000.
Smart Plan has no coverage.
Elite, Select, Budget Plan cover dental treatment due to Accident:$250 Maximum per tooth,$500 Maximum per Certificate Period;dental treatment to alleviate pain:$100 Maximum per Certificate Period. Have no coverage in vision. Smart Plan has no coverage in dental and vision.
Pre-certification:When the insured need the medical services as below, he must get the permission from his insurance company, and then he can receive these services. This obligation of insured is called Pre-certification.
Emergency Pre-certification: In the event of an Emergency Hospital admission, Pre-certification must be made within 48 hours after the admission, or as soon as is reasonably possible.
The following expenses must always be Pre-certified:
-Inpatient care
-any Surgery or Surgical Procedure
-Maternity: during the first 90 days of Pregnancy or immediately upon any change in status during Pregnancy or upon admission to a Hospital for Delivery, you should pre-certify your insurance company.
-Newborn care
-Computerized Tomography,CAT Scan
-Magnetic Resonance Imaging,MRI
-Care in an Extended Care Facility
-Home Nursing Care
-Durable Medical Equipment
-Artificial Limbs
If the Member does not comply with the Pre-certification requirements, Eligible Medical Expenses will be reduced by 50%.