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$28.9 per month
  • Meet US Department of State New J1 Insurance Requirements
  • Medical benefits $100,000 per accident or illness
  • In network Co-insurance 80%(Scholar Co-insurance 20%)
  • Not subject to plan deductible at SHC
  • $5 Copay at SHC
  • Access to Aetna Network in US
  • Support multilingual e-commerce systems
  • The co-insurance in out of network Hospitals is 20% lower than that in network. Recommended to check and save the in network hospital information in advance, and give priority to the hospitals in network.

1. J1 valid visa holder. (An F1 visa holder on OPT is not eligible); or 2. Undergraduate student registered for and attending classes on a full-time basis; or 3. Graduate student; or 4. Scholar or researcher who is invited by an educational organization; or 5. Student involved in education, educational activities, or research related activities.

Lifetime maximum Unlimited
Maximum per sickness/injury $100,000
Co-insurance in network 80%
Co-insurance out-of-network 60%
Deductible per sickness or injury $500
Co-pay in ER (waived if admitted) $250
Co-pay in SHC $5
Pre-existing condition waiting period 12 months
Medical evacuation $50,000
Repatriation $25,000